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Jim Swafford

The Ultimate Drive

"We've been with you, Keith, from the time we started with a dream. From day-one you've been a trusted resource. As our success has grown, so has our relationship. Now we've optimized our business operations and planned to protect our personal future."

Rhonda Wahlstrom


"Keith has everything but a cape!

My taxman superhero. Honest, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. We have been coming to Keith for years.

There’s no better guy around for your taxes."

Chris Lee

DSMD Studios

"Oh man, where to begin with Keith Stoller?

I know it's probably not a normal thing to love an accounting professional but in the most appropriate way possible, I love Keith Stoller.

Keith has been both my small business and personal accountant for so many years I can't remember and I'd leave that number crunching to him. I first came to his services thanks to the wonderful recommendation of my business partner at my small independent music label that I co-founded. We had very little idea of what we were doing creating an LLC and found ourselves in more than a couple "oopsie" moments with regard to tax filings.

"Keith went above and beyond and saved us multiple headaches and large amounts of money/fees in our times of crisis. "

We were but a couple of babies in the big scary small business world and could barely afford to pay our taxes let alone hire an accountant but Keith was always willing to work with us and was worth his value in gold. This was the first time I experienced having a professional handle the stress of a scary tax moment. The relief felt from knowing that Keith was handling it with confidence, experience and excellence was a major relief. It was at this point that I began to hire him for my own personal taxes. We've since dissolved our LLC but I am a musician, engineer, producer and

home studio owner. Keith finds every deduction applicable to my situation and is above and beyond the level of service I could find with

companies like TurboTax or HR Block. I spend a lot on equipment for my profession and he always helps me maximize my return with itemized deductions. I've thrown some doozies at him (weird 401k loan defaults, 401k deductions, etc...) and he's never phased.

I could go on for hours about Keith but I will just say that I recommend him to everyone I know.

And the cool thing about that is, everyone I've recommended him to has thanked me profusely for the recommendation."

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Meet the owner of Stoller Associates, Inc.

Keith Stoller

Stoller is a tax accountant and Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute.

He holds the Enrolled Agent Designation with the US Treasury, emphasizing Compliance, Tax Planning, and Tax Problem Resolution. He is also a Certified Professional Coach focusing on helping business owners and entrepreneurs identify and implement best practices within their organizations aimed at improving profitability, tax efficiency and work-life balance.

In addition to Accounting, Stoller's professional background is diverse and includes professional level experience in human resources, information technology, compensation and benefits administration, as well as labor relations. He also enjoys occasional work as a professional actor of voice, stage and screen productions and is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Radio and Television Artists.

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